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We offer free basic access as well as a subscription based premium access. It is vital to have all the necessary information such as your real estate identification number, address and legal description. Please try again later.

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By accepting a quitclaim deed, the grantee takes responsibility for any problems with the ownership rights to the property. The Sacramento County Assessor does not verify, insure or guarantee title. In most situations, this is a very easy find, as all you need to do is inspect the outside of your property for a drain cover.

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However, even though you own the physical copy of the plans that does not give you ownership of the copyright in the plans. When a mortgage is issued and recorded for a City property, the property owner must pay both City and State Mortgage Recording Taxes. Reminder: You are on Deeds.

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They are of great importance when remodelling and renovating your home. Also, if the previous owner got a loan to construct the building, their bank may have the floor plans you need for your home. What Is Foul Water Drainage?

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If a property owner falls behind on the mortgage, the lender that holds the mortgage can foreclose on the property. They will know whether the plans have been archived or destroyed. How do I use a room design app? Consult your legal adviser. Taxes are current on all parcels; no delinquent taxes are due.

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The Division of Land Records collects fees for handling this service. What is a standard document? If you find information.

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The furniture catalog allows you to choose components by name, then drag and drop components directly into the floor plan. While indexing information is found on our website, the image is not. How do I do a title search? What if My Spouse Has Passed Away? Most office supply or stationery stores carry legal forms.

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These organizations will save and archive photographs and important documents, as well as host exhibit and events relating to the town.